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[June 13, 2017] Sarah Cookson from INRA Bordeaux, Eric Marechal from CNRS Grenoble, Sébastien Mongrand from CNRS Bordeaux, Naomi Nakayama from Edinburgh University and Béatrice Satiat-Jeunemaitre from CNRS Gif sur Yvette came for the HDR defense of Emmanuelle Bayer.
She deserves a good glass of wine to celebrate ! Congratulations Emmanuelle !

Mid-term committee

[June 2, 2017] Yvon Jailiais from ENS Lyon, Derek MacCusker from IECB Bordeaux and Frédéric Baudoin from Rothamsted Research Institute (UK) came from the mid-term committee of Nicolas Esnay supervised by Yohann Boutté. Thank you for all your advices.

FR BIE seminar

[June 02, 2017] FR BIE invited Marc Bonneu, PR Bordeaux INP, responsible of Bordeaux proteome plateforme, to give very interesting seminar on proteomic : A technological approch supporting scientific research. Thank you for coming.


We are very pleased to announce the publication in Frontiers in Plant Science of the articleProteomic Analysis of Lipid Droplets from Arabidopsis Aging Leaves Brings New Insight into Their Biogenesis and Functions.

Although the role and biogenesis of lipid droplets (LDs) are relatively well documented in seeds, little is known about their composition, structure and function in senescing leaves where they also accumulate. Here, we used a label free quantitative mass spectrometry approach to define the LD proteome of aging Arabidopsis leaves. We found that its composition is highly different from that of seed/cotyledon and identified 28 proteins including 9 enzymes of the secondary metabolism pathways involved in plant defense response. We identified the Caleosin RD20/AtCLO3 and the Small Rubber Particle1 (AtSRP1) as the two most abundant proteins in leaf LDs. We thus examined the function of AtSRP1 at this developmental stage and found that AtSRP1 overexpression induces the accumulation of triacylglycerol with an unusual composition compared to wild-type. By confocal and electron microscopy we demonstrate that the abundancy of AtSRP1 regulates the neo-formation of LDs during senescence. Using electron tomography, we further provide evidence that LDs in leaves share tenuous physical continuity as well as numerous contact sites with the ER membrane. Thus, our data suggest that leaf LDs are functionally distinct from seed LDs and that their biogenesis is strictly controlled by AtSRP1 at restricted sites of the ER.