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Yohann Boutté and Nicolas Esnay published a study on secretory-mediated type I Rho-of-Plant (ROP) small GTPase activation and membrane localization. Studies in yeast and mammals suggest that Rho/Rac/Cdc42 could exit directly from the ER through two different routes : (1) a fast route via RhoGDI displacement and extraction from organell membrane or (2) a slow route via vesicles. In our study we show that a) ROPs are present in immuno-purified trans-Golgi Network (TGN)-vesicles, b) EYFP-ROP2 recovery after photobleaching is impaired at the plasma membrane and c) intensity of ROP patches is decreased in the secretion-defective yip4ayip4b double mutant. Our data suggest that a part of ROP is proceed through the secretory pathway on its way to the PM. 
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Gordon meeting

[16 jan-1 feb 2019] Adillah Mamode Cassim and Sébastien Mongrand attented the Gordon conference on plant lipids in Galveston , Texas USA. They gave an oral presentation, presented a poster and was discussion leader of a session.

Great meeting as usual

HDR Defense

[February 13, 2019] Yonghua Li-Besson from Cadarache, Philippe Potin from Roscoff, Thierry Gaude from CNRS-ENS Lyon, Jérôme Joubès and Frédéric Dommergue from our lab came for the HDR defense of Florence Corellou.
Congratulations !


[January 7, 2019] Yohann Boutté obtained a funded ANR program starting January 2019. The project will be developed in collaboration with the team of Yvon Jaillais (ENS, Lyon) and will focus on determining the mechanisms of lipid patterning at trans-Golgi Network and its roles in protein sorting, cell polarity and plant development. Yohann Boutté’s team got funding for a post-doc position and is looking for interested candidates.