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[2019, July 2nd & 3rd] Yohann Boutté visited the team of Jürgen Kleine-Vehn at the BOKU institute (department of applied genetics and cell biology) and gave a talk on the lipid patterning at trans-Golgi Network. A really nice and relaxe exchange in a collaborative frame.

9th European Symposium on Plant Lipids

[2019, July 7th to 10th] Several members of the LBM: F. Domergue, J. Joubès, A. Bernard, F. Corellou, Y. Boutté, C. Bréhélin, R. Gomez; participated in the 9th European Symposium on Plant Lipids (ESPL) in Marseille, which is an international conference, showcasing the key roles of lipids in plant/algal development, physiology and biotechnology applications. It is the best and most renown European conference dedicated to the study and biotechnological applications of lipids, already having almost 20 years of history.


[2019, July 9th] Yohann Boutté collaborated to a PNAS paper. This study shine a light on the local PUCHI-induced transcription of a particular subset of lipid biosynthesis genes that participate to early stages of lateral root development.

IWPMB 2019

[2019, July 8th] Sébastien Mongrand gave a talk at the 19th International Workshop of plant membrane biology at Glasgow entitled "Group 1 REMORIN phospho-status defines its plasma membrane nanodomain organization, a link between phoshoinositides, nanodomain and actin cytoskeleton".