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Jérôme Joubès and Didier Thoraval collaborated with the team of Reinhard Jetter (UBC, Vancouver, Canada) in a new article published in "Plant Cell and Environment" on the functional characterization of a member of the β-ketoacyl-CoA synthase family, namely KCS16, the key condensing enzyme involved in biosynthesis of C36 and C38 acyl-CoAs for cuticular wax formation in Arabidopsis leaf trichomes and pavement cells. These findings are a major step forward in our understanding of cuticular wax formation, as they provide detail on the functional diversification of a fairly big gene family, on the cell-type-specific and development-specific control of wax formation, and thus manifest the degree of genetic control over wax chemical diversity.

Hegebarth D., Buschhaus C., Joubès J., Thoraval D., Bird D., Buschhaus C. and Jetter R. (2017). Arabidopsis ketoacyl-CoA synthase 16 forms C36/C38 acyls for leaf trichome and pavement surface wax. Plant Cell and Environment, sous presse.