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- Joubès J., Bernard A., Deslous P., Gronnier J., Pascal S., Fournier A. E., Rowland O. and Domergue F. - "Functional characterization of CER1 proteins involved in the biosynthesis of cuticular VLC-alkanes in Arabidopsis " – 23rd International Symposium on Plant Lipids – 8-13 Juillet 2018, Yokohama, Japon.

- Lemoigne C., Gomez R.E., Degraeve-Guilbault C., Gronnier J., Tuphile K., Joubès J., Pankasem N., Susuki I., Domergue F. and Corellou F. - "Novel plastidial cytochrome-b5 fused-fatty acid desaturases from the green marine pico-eukaryote Ostreococcus tauri" – 23rd International Symposium on Plant Lipids – 8-13 Juillet 2018, Yokohama, Japon.

-  Mongrand S. 13-18 juillet 2018, 23rd International Symposium on Plant Lipids (ISPL). Conférencier Invité (keynote speaker session sphingolipids) : « Plant plasma membrane lipids: role of sphingolipids in interdigitation of membrane leaflets, lipid asymmetry and nanodomain formation ». Yokohama, Japan.

- Mongrand S. 4 avril 2018, Journée Biologie Cellulaire Bordeaux Gathering (BCBG) Chairman de la session biologie végétale. Bordeaux

- Raphael Groux , Estaban Alfonso, Laetitia Fouillen, Caroline Gouhier-Darimont, Sebastien Mongrand and Philippe Reymond -"Insect egg-induced cell death: evidence for an involvement of sphingolipids" (poster) - International Conference on Arabidopsis research ICAR 2018, 25-29 June 2018, Turku Finland

- Gouguet P., Gronnier J., Perraki A., Boudsocq M., Deroubaix A.-F., Simon V., German-Retana S., Zipfel C., Bayer E., Mongrand S. and Germain V. - « Remorins : Plasma Membrane-Anchored Phosphoproteins Involved in the Regulation of Plasmodesmal Aperture and Viral Propagation » — 12th Congress of the International Plant Molecular Biology — 5-10 Août, Montpellier, France

- Loukola-Ruskeeniemi, K., Kaija, J., Tarvainen, T., Hatakka, T., Keiski, R., Turkki, A., Pinka, J., Jordan, I., Battaglia, F., Le-Guédard, M., Jones, C., Bhattacharya, B., Kurppa. S., Müller, I., Siebielec, G., Solis Veliz, J. - « Risks of arsenic exposure through agriculture. » - 33rd Nordic Geological Winter Meeting, 10-12 Janvier 2018, Copenhagen, Danemark.

- Battaglia-Brunet F., Lions J., Joulian C., Devau N., Charron M., Hube D., Hellal J., Le Guédard M., Jordan I., Bhattacharya P., Loukola-Ruskeeniemi K., Tarvainen T., Kaija J. « Characterization of an agricultural site historically polluted by the destruction of arsenic-containing chemical weapons. »- 7th International Congress on Arsenic in the Environment – 1-6 Juillet, Beijing, Chine.

- Jordan I., Reichel S., Janneck E., Hellal J., Devau N., Le Guédard M., Klose R. - « Agriculture in mining-impacted regions- Investigations on the influence of soil amendments on As mobility. » - Goldschmidt2018 - 12-17 Août 2018, Boston, USA.

- Loukola-Ruskeeniemi K., Pinka J., Müller I, Jordan I., Battaglia-Brunet F., Hellal J., Hube D., Le Guédard M., Tarvainen T., Hatakka T., Jones C., Keiski R.L., Turkki A., Kurppa S., Ahmad A., Bhattacharya P., Kaija J. - « Risk management and recommodations for Arsenic in Agricultural Soils in Europe » - XENOWAC II Conference - 10-12 Octobre 2018, Limassol, Chypre.

- Loukola-Ruskeeniemi K., Kaija J., Jordan I., Pinka J., Müller I, Battaglia-Brunet F., Hellal J., Hube D., Le Guédard M., Jones C., Tarvainen T., Hatakka T., Keiski R.L., Turkki A., Bhattacharya P. – « Arsenic contamination in European agricultural soils inherited from mining activities and World War I » - 4th World Congress on New Technologies - 19-21 août 2018, Madrid, Espagne.

- Bogdan A., O’Donnell C., Le Guédard M., Michels E., Sigurnjak I., Meers E. – « Phos4You project: Phosphorus availability of phosphorus fertilizers recovered from municipal wastewater » - 6th symposium on Phosphorus in Soils and Plants – 10-13 Septembre, Leuven, Belgique.

- Jones-Johansson C., M. Elert M., Vijayakumar S., Bhattacharya P., Jordan I., Mueller I., Battaglia-Brunet F., Le Guédard M. - « Assessment for environmental and health risks of Arsenic in agricultural soils. » - 7th International Congress on Arsenic in the Environment – 1-6 Juillet, Beijing, Chine.

- Puga-Freitas R., Bagard M., Leitao L., Merlier E., Espinasse C., Repellin A., Bessoule J.J., Le Guédard M., Hansart A., Chollet S., Leymarie J. – ”Responses of crops to ozone exposure: study of physiological parameters”. - International Conference on Ozone and Plant Ecosystems – 21-25 Mai 2018, Florence, Italie.

- Demailly F., Le Guédard M., Eon M., Delest B., Gonzalez P., Mazzella N., Morin S. – ”How can three herbicides impact the fatty acids of the freshwater diatom Gomphonema gracile ?” – SETAC Europe 28th Annual Meeting - 13-17 Mai 2018, Rome, Italie.

- J.D. Petit, M. Brault, F. Immel, J.M. Crowet, M. Deleu, L. Lins, E.M. Bayer - The molecular mechanisms of membrane tethering at plasmodesmata intercellular junctions (poster) - International Workshop on biological membranes, Helsinki, august 18-23 2018 Finland

- Julien Gronnier, Artemis Perraki, Paul Gouguet, Marie Boudsocq, Anne-Flore Deroubaix, Anthony Legrand, Birgit Habenstein, Sébastien Mongrand, Véronique Germain. "Remorin : essential regulations to fulfill its function in plasmodesmata permeability and viral propagation." 12th congress of the international plant molecular biology, 5-10 Aout 2018- Montpellier (Poster)

- Boutté Y. “Lipid crosstalk at trans-Golgi Network: a two tails story”. ENS of Lyon, RDP (Plant Development and Reproduction) laboratory. 9th-10th of April 2018. Invited by Dr. Yvon Jaillais.

- Boutté Y. “Cell polarity: Intracellular trafficking and function in plant adaptation”. Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding, Cologne, Department of Comparative Development and Genetics. 12th-14th of April 2018. Invited by Prof. Dr. Miltos Tsiantis.

- Brocard L., Immel F., Coulon D., Tuphile K., Bessoule J.-J., Bréhélin C. (2018) Charaterization of Arabidopsis leaf lipid droplets. 2nd edition of the Bordeaux Cell Biology Gathering, Bordeaux, France