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Année 2013

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- Bernard A. and Joubès J. (2013)
Arabidopsis cuticular waxes : Advances in synthesis, export and regulation
Progress in Lipid Research, 52:110-129.

- Boutté Y., Jonsson K., McFarlane H.E., Johnson E., Gendre D., Swarup R., Friml J., Samuels L., Robert S. and Bhalerao R.P. (2013)
ECHIDNA-mediated post-Golgi trafficking of auxin carriers for differential cell elongation.
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 110(40):16259-64.

- Buré C., Ayciriex S., Testet E. and Schmitter J.M. (2013)
A single run LC-MS/MS method for phospholipidomics
Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 405(1) : 203-213.

- Cacas J.L., Buré C., Furt F., Maalouf J.P., Badoc A., Cluzet S., Schmitter J.M., Antajan E., Mongrand S. (2013)
Biochemical survey of the polar head of plant glycosylinositolphosphoceramides unravels broad diversity.
Phytochemistry, 96:191-200.

- Chacon M.G., Fournier A.E., Tran F., Dittrich-Domergue F., Pulsifer I.P., Domergue F. and Rowland O. (2013)
Identification of Amino Acids Conferring Chain-Length Substrate Specificities on Fatty Alcohol-Forming Reductases FAR5 and FAR8 from Arabidopsis thaliana.
J Biol Chem, 288(42) : 30345-55.

- Fouillen L., Colsch B. and Lessire R. (2013)
The lipid world concept of lipidomics
In “Metabolomics Coming of Age with its Technological Diversity” Advances in Botany, 67 : 331-376.

- Fouillen L., Petruzziello F., Veit J., Bhattacharyya A., Kretz R., Rainer G., Zhang X. (2013)
Neuropeptide alterations in the tree shrew hypothalamus during volatile anesthesia.
J Proteomics Volume 80, 27 March 2013, Pages 311–319.

- Gidda S.K., Watt S., Collins-Silva J., Kilaru A., Arondel V., Yurchenko O., Horn P.J., James C.N., Shintani D., Ohlrogge J.B., Chapman K.D., Mullen R.T., Dyer J.M. (2013)
Lipid droplet-associated proteins (LDAPs) are involved in the compartmentalization of lipophilic compounds in plant cells.
Plant Signal Behav. 2013 8(11). pii:e27141.

- Le Guédard M. and Bessoule J.J. (2013)
A self evaluation method to attribuate sound bio-values on in situ ecotoxicological monitoring.
Ecological Indicators, 30, 100-105.

- Le Provost G., Domergue F., Lalanne C., Ramos Campos P., Grosbois A., Bert D., Meredieu C., Danjon F., Plomion C. and Gion J.M. (2013)
Soil water stress affects both cuticular wax content and cuticle-related gene expression in young saplings of maritime pine (Pinus pinaster Ait).
BMC Plant Biol, 13:95.

- Li-Beisson Y., Shorosh B., Beisson F., Andersson M., Arondel V., Bates P.D., Baud S., Bird D., DeBono A., Durrett T.P., Franke R.B., Graham I.A., Katayama K., Kelly A., Larson T., Markham J.E., Miquel M., Molina I., Nishida I., Rowland O., Samuels L., Schmid K.M., Wada H., Welti R., Xu C., Zallot R. and Ohlrogge J. (2013)
Acyl-lipid metabolism
The Arabidopsis Book (TAB), R. Last, Ed, ASPB, Rockville MD, pp 1-65.

- Ma W., Kong Q., Arondel V., Kilaru A., Bates P.D., Thrower N.A., Benning C., Ohlrogge J.B. (2013)
WRINKLED1, A Ubiquitous Regulator In Oil Accumulating Tissues From Arabidopsis Embryos To Oil Palm Mesocarp
PLOS ONE, 8(7):e68887.

- Mazet M., Morand P., Biran M., Bouyssou G., Courtois P., Daulouède S., Millerioux Y., Franconi J.-M., Vincendeau P., Moreau P., and Bringaud F. (2013)
Revisiting the central metabolism of the bloodstream forms of Trypanosoma brucei : production of acetate in the mitochondrion is essential for parasite viability.
PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases, 7(12):e2587.

- Michot C., Mamoune A., Vamecq J., Thao Viou M, Hsieh L.S., Testet E., Lainé J., Hubert L., Dessein A.F., Fontaine M., Ottolenghi C., Fouillen L., Nadra K., Blanc E., Bastin J., Candon S., Pende M., Munnich A., Smahi A., Djouadi F., Carman G.M., Romero N., de Keyzer Y., de Lonlay P. (2013)
Combination of lipid metabolism alterations and their sensitivity to inflammatory cytokines in human lipin-1-deficient myoblasts
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Molecular Basis of Disease, 12 : 2103-2114.

- Millerioux Y., Ebikeme C., Biran M., Morand P., Bouyssou G., Vincent I.M., Mazet M., Riviere L., Franconi J.-M., Burchmore R.J.S., Moreau P., Barrett M.P. and Bringaud F. (2013)
The threonine degradation pathway of the Trypanosoma brucei procyclic form : the main carbon source for lipid biosynthesis is under metabolic control.
Mol Microbiol. 90(1):114-129.

- Morcillo F., Cros D., Billotte N., Ngando-Ebongue G.F., Domonhédo H., Pizot M., Cuéllar T., Espéout S., Dhouib R., Bourgis F., Claverol S., Tranbarger T.J., Nouy B., Arondel V. (2013)
Improving palm oil quality through identification and mapping of the lipase gene causing oil deterioration
Nat. Commun., 4:2160.

- Nacir H. and Bréhélin C. (2013)
When proteomics reveals unsuspected roles : the plastoglobule example.
Front Plant Sci, 4, 114 : 1-8.

- Paquet V., Lessire R., Domergue F., Fouillen L., Filion G., Sedighi A., and Charette S. (2013).
Lipid composition of multilamellar bodies secreted by Dictyostelium discoideum reveals their amoebal origin.
Eukaryotic Cell (in press)

- Pascal S., Bernard A., Sorel M., Pervent M., Vile D., Haslam R.P., Napier J.A., Lessire R., Domergue F. and Joubès J. (2013).
The Arabidopsis cer26 mutant, like the cer2 mutant, is specifically affected in the very-long-chain fatty acid elongation process.
The Plant Journal, 73 : 733-746.

- Pineau B., Bourge M., Marion J., Mauve C., Gilard F., Maneta-Peyret L., Moreau P., Satiat-Jeunemaître B., Brown S.C., De Paepe R. and Danon A. (2013)
The importance of cardiolipin synthase for mitochondrial ultrastructure, respiratory function, plant development, and stress responses in Arabidopsis.
The Plant Cell, 25 : 4195-4208.

- Raffaele S., Perraki A. & Mongrand S. (2013)
The Remorin C-terminal Anchor was shaped by convergent evolution among membrane binding domains.
Plant Signaling and Behavior, 8(3):e23207.

- Remon E., Bouchardon J.L., Le Guédard M., Bessoule J.J., Conord C., Faure O. (2013)
Are plants useful as accumulation indicators of metal bioavailability ?
Environmental Pollution 175, 1-7.

- Salmon M.S. and Bayer E.M. (2013)
Dissecting plasmodesmata molecular composition by mass spectrometry-based proteomics.
Front Plant Sci, 3(307) : 1-8.

- Schreck E., Laplanche C., Le Guédard M., Bessoule J.J., Austruy A., Xiong T., Foucault Y. and Dumat C. (2013)
Influence of fine process particles enriched with metals and metalloids on Lactuca sativa L. leaf fatty acid composition following air and/or soil-plant field exposure
Environmental Pollution, 179 : 242-249.

- To A., Joubès J., Barthole G., Lécureuil A., Scagnelli A., Jasinski S., Lepiniec L. and Baud S. (2013).
Members of the WRINKLED clade orchestrate tissue-specific regulation of fatty acid synthesis in Arabidopsis thaliana.
The Plant Cell, 24(12) : 5007-5023.

- Vieillemard A., Prouzet-Mauléon V., Hugues M., Lefebvre F., Mitteau R., Claverol S., Bonneu M., Crouzet M., Doignon F. and Thoraval D. (2013)
The Saccharomyces cerevisiae RhoGAP Rgd1 is phosphorylated by the Aurora B like kinase Ipl1.
Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 433(1) : 1-15.

- Viotti C., Krüger F., Krebs M., Neubert C., Fink F., Lupanga U., Scheuring D., Boutté Y., Frescatada-Rosa M., Wolfenstetter S., Sauer N., Hillmer S., Grebe M., Schumacher K. (2013)
The Endoplasmic Reticulum Is the Main Membrane Source for Biogenesis of the Lytic Vacuole in Arabidopsis.
The Plant Cell, 25(9):3434-49.

- Vishwanath S.J., Kosma D. K., Pulsifer I. P., Scandola S., Pascal S., Joubès J., Dittrich-Domergue F., Lessire R., Rowland O. and Domergue F. (2013)
Suberin-associated fatty alcohols in Arabidopsis thaliana : distributions in roots and contributions to seed coat barrier properties.
Plant Physiology, 163(3) : 1182-1132.