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Lipidomic Plateform

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Group leaders : Laetitia Fouillen and Sébastien Mongrand

Laetitia Fouillen is Research engineer (IR) at the CNRS. Initially trained as a chemist at the University of Paris-Sud and Strasbourg (France), she received in 2009 a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from University of Strasbourg (LSMBO, Dr A. Van Dorsselaer). Then, she joined the Department of Physiology at the University of Fribourg (Switzerland) to work as a postdoctoral fellow on neuropeptidomics. In 2011, she moved to Bordeaux and now led the lipidomic platform in the LBM. (ORCID link).

Sebastien Mongrand is DR at the CNRS. He defended his Ph.D. in 1998 at the LBM in chloroplastic lipid biosynthesis. After a three years post doc at the University of Rockefeller (New-York, USA) working on ABA signaling pathway, he was recruited CNRS in 2002. He is now co-leading the “Lipids, Membrane Compartmentalization, Trafficking and Morphogenesis in Plant and Yeast” with P. Moreau. He also works in the platform as scientific co-leader.

Contact :
Phone number : 05 57 12 25 37
email : laetitia.fouillen [at] u-bordeaux.fr

Team members : P. van Delft, S. Mongrand
Activity overview :

Since 2005, the LBM created a lipidomic platform belonging to the metabolome platform of Bordeaux of CGFB - Functional Genomic Center of Bordeaux and French national infrastructure of metabolomics and fluxomics MetaboHub.

The platform brings together instrumentations and expertise dedicated to the analysis of the lipidome and the study of lipids in their diversity. It is dedicated to the study of many organisms, from plants to animals and yeast.
Metabolome platform provides support for research in biology, environmental physiology, functional genomics and genetics in the context of regional, national and international collaborations. It is also used in the analysis of products derived from plants and other organisms. It is mainly used for the establishment and interpretation of lipidomic profiles, identification and structural analysis of lipids and functional analysis of lipid metabolism.

The platform provides identification, characterization or quantification (absolute or relative) of lipid :
-  Quantification by densitometry of class of lipids
-  Identification and quantification of fatty acid (long chain, hydroxylated…) composition, waxes, cutines and suberins components, long chain based (LCB)
-  Relative quantification of molecular species of phospholipids (PC, PE, PG, PS, PI and PIPx), neutral lipid (TAG, DAG, steryl ester…).
-  Regiolocalization for TAG molecules
-  Quantification of Alkyl HydroxyCinnamates (alkyl ferulate, alkyl coumarate and alkyl caffeate)
We adapted the lipid extraction and analyses to the desired materials.

Analytical development

We are currently developing an analytical method for plant shingolipids, galactolipids and phosphoinositides by LC-MS.

For our lipidomics analyses, we used different technologies : TLC, GC-FID, GC-MS and LC-MS. Reservation

Our analytical equipment can be used after specific training

Key publications :

Wattelet-Boyer V. et al (2016) “Enrichment of hydroxylated C24- and C26-acylchain sphingolipids mediates PIN2 apical sortingat trans-Golgi network subdomains” Nat Commun. 2016 Sep 29 ;7:1278
Tabet R., et al (2016) « Fragile X Mental Retardation Protein (FMRP) controls diacylglycerol kinase activity in neurons » Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 113(26):E3619-28
Delude C. et al. (2016) “Primary alcohols are major components of suberized root tissues of Arabidopsis in the form of alkyl hydroxycinnamates”.Plant Physiology, 171 : 1934-1950
Buré C., et al. (2016) “Branched glycosylated inositolphosphosphingolipid structures in plants revealed by MS(3) analysis”. J Mass Spectrom, 51(4):305-8
Doignon F. et al. (2016) “Requirement of phosphoinositides containing stearic acid to control cell polarity.” Mol Cell Biol, 36:765-780
Maneta-Peyret L.,et al. (2014) “Phospholipid biosynthesis increases in RHD3-defective mutants” Plant Signaling & Behavior, Jul 14 (9). e29657 .

Former members
Since 2012 Mélanie Onofre (BTS student), 2014 Lionnelle Belanga (BTS student), 2015 Julie Pinelli (AI MetaboHub), 2015 Florian Payen (Master student), 2016 Sylvain Kenan (AI MetaboHub), 2017 Salimata Diarrassouba (AI MetaboHub)