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Group leaders : Marina Le Guédard and Jean-Jacques Bessoule

Marina Le Guédard
-  Engineer in Biotechnologies ENSTBB IPB (June 2004)
-  Ph. D in Biochemistry from University of Bordeaux (thesis on “Identification and characterization of four S. cerevisiae lysolipid acyltransferases : in silico, in vitro and in vivo studies”, defended in December, 2008)
-  Research Engineer at ADERA since January, 2012
Tél : 05 57 12 25 31
Email : marina.le-guedard@u-bordeaux.fr

Jean-Jacques Bessoule
-  Ph. D in Biochemistry from University of Bordeaux (thesis on “Acyl-CoA elongase of Allium porrum : Solubilization, partial purification, reconstitution assays and theoretical analysis of their activity”, defended in February, 1989)
-  CR-CNRS (October 1990)
-  HDR defended in June 1995
-  DR2-CNRS (October 2002)
-  Manager of the Laboratory of Membrane Biogenesis since 2013

Topic :

Environmental Diagnostic and monitoring : Development of bioindicators of plant health (soil, water and air pollution, nutritional deficiency, Impact of agricultural practices…).
Example : Development of the Omega-3 Index for evaluation of soil quality through plant health (Standard AFNOR XP X31-233 and in the process of standardization by ISO (ISO/CD 21479).

Lipid biotechnology : Expertise in Lipid biochemistry, lipid extraction, purification and dosage, analysis of lipid metabolism, lipid production by biotechnology.

Participation in research programs :

2017-2020 : European project ERA-NET Cofund WaterWorks2015 AgriAs
2017-2021 : European project INTERREG NWE PhosforYou
2016-2019 : ADEME project PRIMEQUAL BEMEVO
2016-2019 : Labex Cote project LIPID
2016-2019 : RMQS Région Nouvelle Aquitaine
2014-2018 : ONEMA project BIOTRYTIS
2014-2016 : Coordinator of the ADEME Project GESIPOL APPOLINE

Key publications :

• Le Guédard M., Bessoule J.J., 2013 - A self-evaluation method to attribute sound bio-values based on in situ ecotoxicological monitoring. Ecological indicators. 30, 100-105.
• Le Guédard M., Faure O., Bessoule J.J., 2012 - Early changes in the fatty acid composition of photosynthetic membrane lipids from Populus nigra grown on a metallurgical landfill. Chemosphere. 88, 693-698.
• Le Guédard M., Faure O., Bessoule J.J., 2012 - Soudness of in situ lipid biomarker analysis : Early effect of heavy metals on leaf fatty acid composition of Lactuca serriola. Env. Exp. Bot. 76, 54-59.
• Le Guédard M., Bessoule J.J., Boyer V., Ayciriex S., Velours G., Kulik W., Ejsing C.S., Shevchenko A., Coulon D., Lessire R., Testet E., 2009 - PSI1 is responsible for the stearic acid enrichment that is characteristic of phosphatidylinositol in yeast. FEBS J. 276, 6412-6424.
• Le Guédard M., Schraauwers B., Larrieu I., Bessoule J.J., 2008 - Development of a biomarker for metal bioavailability : the lettuce fatty acid composition. Environ. Toxicol. Chem, 27, 1147-1151.